Jessica VerBout, LMFT, Certified Sex Therapist

Winding down the path of life?

Does the journey you're on through life often feel like an endless, twisting road with no end of the current path in sight and you're hoping someone will come out to help you through the winding path? Help is not often dropped in front of our feet and we must go out and seek it. This takes courage and, sometimes, humility...

The good news is you have already taken that first, and often hardest, step and in looking for help! Even though that first move is often the hardest in your journey of healing but it can lead to a wonderful discovery of new things in life! 

I hope to help guide you through those challenges that threaten to turn our life's path from one of a blind, uncomfortable stumbling to one of a comfortable, purposeful journey. By working with the natural skills and passions you already posses, I hope to strengthen your skills to confidently set you down the path you want to go or, at least, manage to work through the one you are forced to go through to that path of healing. 

Get back to walking that journey of health and peace you deserve!


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